Merry Christmas

decor 6Here’s wishing you more happiness 
Than all my words can tell, 
Not just alone for Christmas, 
But for all the year as well.

light wreathdecor 9

Rolo Turtles

rolo_turtles_1With all of your busy schedules and long lists of things to accomplish before the holidays, it is nice to find something that will not add to your frustration. These delicious and easy to make turtles require only three ingredients and about 20 minutes to make. They are the perfect way to round out your holiday cookies and candy list without any hassle, and are a great idea for any last-minute gifts too!

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Mushroom Strudel

mushroom_strudel_16aI guess it was probably more than a handful of years ago by now that I first stumbled upon mushroom strudel. Prior to that I had only every considered a strudel to be a fruit filled pastry, and usually apple. My partner Kelly and I decided to go out one evening with our sights set on downtown. Living in central Denver, we have so many options when it comes to dining out. We have discovered many places that we love, and yet there are so many more that we have never experienced.

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colcannon_8Mashed potatoes mixed together with sautéed cabbage and onions create this traditional Irish dish know simply as Colcannon. With an amazing depth of flavor and textures, these potatoes are remarkable light, fluffy, and delicious.  There are many versions of these potatoes, some using kale in place of cabbage, while others call for leek, garlic, or scallion. Customarily eaten in the fall when cabbage and kale are in season, I believe Colcannon would make an outstanding and interesting addition to the Thanksgiving table. I have also added this to my list of signature side dishes, along with my Blue Cheese & Bacon Stuffed Onion should I ever open a steak house.

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Bourbon Cherry Cinnamon Rolls

bourbon_cherry_roll_3Last weekend was the last weekend for the Cherry Creek farmers market here in Denver. The fact that the market was coming to a close had completely escaped me, as I have not attended this market as frequently as in years past. The event has become extremely popular, and is most often over-crowded with folks pushing baby strollers and walking dogs while talking on cell phones, paying no attention to anything or anyone, which for me takes some of the pleasure out of perusing the produce. However on this particularly beautiful fall day while out running errands, I found myself passing the tents and food trucks that fill the parking lot that turns into this carnival of fresh produce and gourmet treats. My sister happened to be in town and had joined me on my mission to run errands. As we passed the event, we noticed that the crowd was much smaller than usual. So on this glorious Colorado blue sky fall day, and with no particular schedule to keep, we decided to throw caution to the wind and stop. Continue reading

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